Tibetan mastiff puppies Dharmapala with FCI pedigree 2018/19

29/12/18 16:53:29 | offer | Dogs
We take bookings for puppies from three litters of our Dharmapala kennel. Pregnancy confirmed! The puppies are expected to be born on 7. 1. 2019. We offer absolutely healthy, beautiful, purebreed puppies by champion dogs. Suitable for family and children as well as for breeding and shows. All parent ... s are in great condition, full health, and have excellent temperaments. 1st litter: ICH, GCH, CH, JCH Dagpo Sang Se Sang, CACIB, BOB, 73 cm, HD A / A, ED 0/0, X VCH Bodhichita Siddha Dharmapala, CAC, 70 cm, HD A / A, CAC . Dagpo Sang Se Sang is International Champion (C.I.B). Price: 800 L 2nd litter: CH,KCH,JCH A´Poso Arhat Mampa Arog,r.CACIB, BOB,BOS 73 cm, HD A / A, ED 0/0 X Princess Jomo Dharmapala, exc., 61 cm HD B. Price: 750 L 3rd litter: CH, JCH A'Norbu Mampa Arog, 72 cm, HD A, ED 0/0 X Rashmi Mani Princess Dharmapala, exc., 65 cm, HD A, ED 0/0. Price: 700 L Color is expected black and tan, blue and tan, golden and full black. Puppies from the second litter will be endowed with extra long hair. Puppies from the third litter will captivate with their extraordinary robust skeleton! Puppies from our litters score at shows all around the world. Certainly puppies are always fully vaccinated, regularly dewormed, socialized, equipped with habits, passport, chip and travel documents inclusive. We guarantee for a state of health and excellent condition. Breeding service and advising are a matter of course for us. We also offer the opportunity to watch puppies online (for tech reason after the third week of age). Puppies are always reared in cleanliness and grown in family environment. Price by agreement. More you can find at https://www.dharmapala.cz phone: 00420776274417, e-mail: tibetskadoga@dharmapala.cz https://www.facebook.com/tm.dharmapala/

Price:£ 750



www link:https://www.dharmapala.cz

Petr Jirgal
+420 776274417
Telephone 2:
+420 774215669

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