Staffordshire Bull Terrier

12/10/18 16:32:26 | offer | Dogs
Puppy is in Czech republic – Litters Ch. Photos on the Web. The last free two male with Pedigree (kennel Fransimo Bohemia). Exclusive foreign mating. The father of the puppies is from Spain. Color – Red with white markings. Ideal for children, the apartment and the garden, agility and many other ac ... tivities. Purchase agreement, chiped (EU passport), dewormed, vaccinated, BAER tests (on deafness), rearing in the family circle. Pick up possible immediately. Price by e-mail or telephone, SMS not answered. Address: Panská zahrada 26, 664 82 Říčany u Brna, Czech Republic. Shipping and Handling: Price depends on country of delivery. We do not accept PayPal payments.

Price:£ 0



www link:http://www.fransimo.cz/aktualni-vrhy/

Bc. Simona Lahodová
+420 733190741

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