Pomeranian Boo bear

29/12/18 21:17:48 | offer | Dogs
For the first time in Serbia, for sale beautiful adorable 1000% purebred orange Pomeranian Boo bear type with flat snout, ultra mini weight, plush long and thick hair, and ultra miniature muzzle. A true purebred pomeranian boo bear, it can always be seen in live in the breeder Kamenovic, and with th ... e dog, you get pedigree of parents imported from Russia, America, Thailand and Brazil. mail: marjan_kamenovic84@yahoo.com mobile phone: +381692000920 viber, whats app You can see all my dogs on profiles: Instagram: bookamenovic Facebook: Boo Pomeranci Thank you for your confidence and for following my work as well as the puppies I have sold so far in a large number throughout Europe as well as many eminent and well-known personalities because trust is known. Belgrade, Serbia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amF4m-oTVCA&feature=youtu.be

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