2 lovely bunnies seeking home together, includes hutch/run

05/11/15 01:01:38 | offer | Other animals
Bernie (black male bunny) and Betty (grey blue female bunny) are a 2 year old brother and sister neutered pair of mini lop-eared rabbits. They are being rehomed due to no fault of their own, due to change in my own work and home situation meaning I don't have enough time to give them the attention ... they deserve. They are inquisitive and enjoy being picked up, cuddled and brushed, and have been handled by children before. They love to be together, often seen snuggling up and grooming each other. They like to run and hop around their run and out in the garden, eating grass, hay and treats like carrots, Apple, cabbage, runner beans, dandelion spinach and rocket leaves. They have no health issues and have been checked by the vet since 12 weeks old when I first got them. Can you offer a loving home? They will come with their hutch and connected run along with food bowl, hay rack, 2 water bottles and any left over food (all included in asking price). They have also previously lived indoors in the winter, so would be happy to do this again (in a bunny proof room with nothing precious to chew!)
Date of birth: 04 Nov 2013
Ready for rehome: 30 Dec 2013
Date of birth: 04 Nov 2013

Price:£ 50



+420 420

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